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Shifting gears from just another automotive brand to a name that resonates deeply in the heartbeats of Israel, Maxus approached us, looking to make an entrance that was both impactful and unforgettable. Four models—each with its own charm—needed a runway, and we provided one. An entrancing brand story, a high-octane website makeover, and an all-encompassing marketing strategy…all turbocharged to perfection. The result? A roaring launch of the Euniq 6 and a surge in lead acquisitions and sales. Dive in and see how we painted the town Maxus in a project that merged professional precision with a dash of fun!”

From a blank canvas, we crafted Maxus’s forward-leaning vision: ‘Be the Future, Be Euniq.’ Tailored around the standout Euniq 5 and Euniq 6 models, our strategy echoed a call to break from the ordinary, ushering in a drive towards the extraordinary.

Transforming an international brand’s voice into a resonant local language is a dance of delicate nuance and bold assertion; yet, icons and pictures speak universally, and we seamlessly wove them into the narrative.