Web Design & Construction

Sivan Group leads your organization through the process of internet branding, accurately connecting between Online and Offline, and making sure that you’ll make the perfect first impression! One that that keeps the users with you. We will plan your visual strategy on the internet. We will design and build a site that loves your customers, that turns people on. We will ensure that the site will be dynamic and suitable for changing needs. (By the way, we build every sort of site, from promotional to commercial sites.)

Graphic Design

Throughout our 30 years of activity, Sivan Group has branded and designed thousands of projects. And guess what? Each project is a world unto its own. Creative, exciting, connecting, arousing and calling to action. Because from our point of view, design is the material expression of the brand’s strategy and the messages designated for the target audiences. We materialize the corporate identity and the brand language in every field of a brand’s marketing communications. From designing logos, letterheads and advertising materials, through catalogues, websites and apps, and even office design, exhibition booths and more.

Managing and Marketing Guidance in Outsourcing

Managing the marketing is like oxygen for an organization. You can’t live without it. But you can make it more efficient and cost-effective – by outsourcing it. We at Sivan Group make sure that your marketing will speak in the brand’s language and will make customers show up. We manage the aspects of marketing, from the messages, the branding and the campaigns, all the way to training sales representatives and exercising sales pitches.

Corporate Branding

Good corporate branding makes customers appreciative and makes them buy. Its called loyalty, and that is one of the summits that every organization strives to conquer. Here at Sivan Group, the marketing efforts are planned, sharply distinguished, convincing, and appealing to specific target audiences. From strategic research and defining the promise, all the way to choosing a name, creating a logo developing a brand’s language and corporate identity, creating content, designing experiential marketing tools, developing an advertising language to get the message through and building a brand book. More about corporate branding here.

LIVE Branding

In the modern age, every company must commit to the ongoing management of the brand and to create a control system that can react to internal and external changes that can affect the brand’s experience. Teaching and guiding all the interfaces that encounter the target audience in order to understand, express and support the brand values and create unified, consistent messages. The brand manager’s job is to ensure that the impression and experience that is formed in the heads of the target audience is identical to the one we want them to retain in their hearts and memories.
Sivan Group is here to help, with external MARCOM services that will enable you to strengthen your brand.

Strategic Consulting

The path to a successful brand – a really successful brand – starts with planning. By thinking and using educated strategic analysis, companies are improving their performances and overtaking their competitors. We create a strategy that on one hand is down to earth, and on the other hand lifts the company as high as possible! We will execute a comprehensive strategic diagnosis , create a deep understanding of the company (needs, values, vision, goals, corporate branding, essential targets, resources, etc.)