Why do I need corporate branding

We live in a world with an abundance of information, in radio, television, newspapers, the internet and even on the road. The messages that are openly and subconsciously transmitted are the forces that drive us to choose and prefer: What store? What car? What to wear?
The world around us is filled with brands – food, clothing, politicians, services and more.

Without branding we would all be equal. Branding helps the consumers develop a connection and be recognized with a certain product or service. Corporate branding, product branding, re-branding.
A product / service is not simply a functional component – a branded product / service speaks to the consumer on a higher level. As the connection between the brand and the consumer is strengthened, questions of functionality become less relevant.

Who needs corporate branding?

Every manufacturer and service provider has competitors.
Branding = differentiation. Even if you think that you don’t have competitors, the possibility exists that tomorrow a young entrepreneur will overtake you or that one of your employees will leave and start a competing company. Nothing lasts forever.
A company that sets on its way without thinking of branding diminishes its chance of success.
Branding is a kind of mirror, reflecting the desires and aspirations of the consumers.

What is a brand?

A brand is a combination of benefits and emotional and functional feelings, that the combination between them creates value for the consumer. As in relationships between people, there is an initial learning process that over time can create a connection if both sides share similar values.
The existence of a connection with your product promises that when the consumer meets your product he or she will be predisposed to prefer it over the competition.
This connection = branding. Every point of contact with your business, every connection with a customer, every experience encountered by the consumers with your company’s products or services influence and develop the perception of your brand in the eye of the consumer.
Examples of points of contact with your business include advertising, phone service, your website, marketing and sales team, the secretary, package design, your premises, your media channels on the internet, all of these examples mold the perception of your brand.
Each point of contact with consumers, suppliers, vendors, distributors and even your employees must reflect your branding.

What is branding – the common mistake

Branding is not simply the construction of a corporate identity. Throughout the branding process we are predisposed to relate to the visual aspect of the brand – how it looks, the logo, the slogan that accompanies it. Don’t be satisfied with that, it is simply the external characteristic, the “decoration”.

What is successful branding?

Successful branding provides unequivocal fiscal value such as the increase of income or efficiency and focus that reduce expenditures. Companies always spend money on marketing materials and sales initiatives, thus correct branding can make these efforts integrate with a higher chance of success and effectiveness.

What motivates companies to re-brand?

We have conducted a survey amongst marketing directors on LinkedIn and here are the conclusions of their answers to this question:

  • Even an aging brand would be happy to refresh and redefine itself from time to time for self-examination, improvement and strengthening of the brand.
  • No branding was ever implemented or planned.
  • Bad reputation of the brand that requires fixing and re-branding.
  • New product, new market and the need to provide an appropriate and distinguished visual.
  • Significant change of occupation, or a new manager wishing to change the strategy.
  • Improvement of a company’s reputation.
  • A competitor has a successful brand that is attracting your customers.
  • Desire to create momentum and optimism prior to an IPO.
  • New marketing director or CEO.

Building a brand with a branding company.

Correct branding accompanies your business every step of the way, throughout the process of marketing strategy, supporting points of weakness and building a graphic language that sets you apart from your competitors.
Correct branding is identified with the business and its employees and affects the business’ customers, equipping you with a marketing toolbox that assists you in implementation of the brand.

The process of corporate branding requires comprehensive and intensive research. Mutual co-operation is necessary in order to understand the needs of the business, its ambitions and the values of the brand that it wishes to bestow upon the customer.

We create the unique and perceptible distinction between you and your competitors. Connect your messages in an efficient manner that show results and provide you with the right marketing tools.

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